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Researcher News & Insights

Tracking your journals' impact on Researcher just got easier!

In Summer 2019, we opened our platform to allow publishers and learned societies to promote their journals, papers and other bespoke content. 

We have recently launched a portal to provide live reporting to our clients as well as other publishers and learned societies who have listed us as official indexers.




Our publisher portal aims to provide live visualisation and evaluation of the performance of your journals’ organic traffic and paid campaigns. It’s important to us that all publishers that we work with can see the value and impact of the engagements generated within our platform and beyond, throughout the entire cycle of a researcher’s workflow. 

Our portal contains two main dashboards, Researcher General Stats and Researcher Campaign Stats. The Researcher General Stats dashboard provides live statistics about the relevant publisher’s journals on Researcher. The Researcher Campaign Stats dashboard provides live statistics about the relevant publisher’s paid campaigns on Researcher. 

Our portal also allows the exporting of all data that powers any of the graphs in the dashboards to help aggregate our in-app engagements usage to other platforms.

If you are interested in using the Publisher Portal for free, simply submit your details in the form below. 


For enquiries please contact:

Mary Sweny - Head of Business Development at Researcher

Priscilla Soedarpo - Account Manager at Researcher