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Researcher's response to COVID-19

If you’re a scientist, researcher, doctor, engineer, economist, journalist working on responses to COVID-19 - or perhaps you’re just interested - we want to make sure that staying up to the minute with the latest research and papers about COVID-19 is as easy as possible.
We want to make sure you never miss important papers that could change the course of your work and accelerate a breakthrough that could change lives - so we’re creating a series of resources to help you:

  • We created The COVID-19 International Research Collaboration (CIRC). CIRC aggregates the papers that have the most engagement from the highest quality users on Researcher. The papers are split into the following themes: Vaccine, Drugs, Treatment, Drug Pathways, Sequencing, Economic Impact, Social Impact and Epidemiology.

  • We've collated the top trending papers and numbers around the growth of research about COVID-19 in a free report. 
    Download the Full Report
  • Our co-founder, Dr Ramiz Nathani, has shared some important keywords you can set as feeds on Researcher. You can apply his feeds and follow the 9 journals that he follows through this link (open on your Android device).

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  • You can set up your own COVID-19 feeds and set notifications for them by following this simple tutorial

I'm ready to set up my COVID-19 feed!

Wishing you all happiness, health and productivity,


The Researcher Team

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