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Researcher partners with Research Outreach and Science Animated, communication agencies specialising in creating societal impact for research

Now more than ever we depend on scientific advances to help solve the world’s biggest and toughest problems - across healthcare, society and technology. It is therefore critical for scientists to meet this challenge by getting their research into the right hands at the right time and in the right format. 

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Together Researcher, Research Outreach, and Science Animated will help scientists and researchers to fulfil a vital requirement of their research funding - to ensure that their work is disseminated as widely as possible and in as many different formats as possible both inside and outside the academic community to drive real impact for their work.  

The services provided to the research community through the Researcher partnerships include promotion on Researcher and the ability to host real-time events through Researcher Live, the creation of engaging animations through Science Animated, and the transformation of papers into videos, podcasts and feature articles with Research Outreach. 

“Our mission is to break down the barriers between science and society. By partnering with Researcher, our suite of professional outreach services are now being made available to the world's leading researchers. Something we are very excited about!”  - Simon Jones, Founder of Science Animated & Research Outreach.

“We are really excited about making the different types of content created by Research Outreach available on Researcher. We want to help make science more accessible and impactful, by disseminating research in all formats.  By partnering with Research Outreach we will be able to do just that and in the process help researchers reach a wider audience for their work.” - Olly Cooper, CEO of Researcher. 

Discover more about what we can do for authors through this partnership here.

About Science Animated

Science Animated offer an end-to-end service in creating animations for knowledge transfer. Each production includes scripting, storyboard, choice of voice actor, background music and video files upon completion. As an optional extra we will upload and disseminate the content via our social media channels under the CC-BY-NC license.

Since their launch in 2017, Science Animated have created over 600 animations based upon individual academic papers, ongoing projects, large collaborative studies, laboratory outputs, clinical trials, novel therapies and many more topics.

Their engaging imagery helps audiences relate to topics that could otherwise be intimidating while keeping the visuals simple means researchers can focus on the message – what exactly do you want your viewers to understand? The Science Animated team will work with you to bring your research to life.

About Research Outreach

Research Outreach provide researchers and corporate teams the ability to effectively translate their published academic papers into a completely new format, catered towards a global audience. With a mission to break down the barriers that prevent the public from accessing and understanding scientific information, this team of communication experts create articles, podcasts and video abstracts.

Since 2018 Research Outreach has worked with over 500 researchers to help them achieve a broader impact with their work.

All of Research Outreach’s content is released for free under the CC-BY-NC-ND license. This means it is free to read, copy and redistribute. Something which encourages the boundary-free dissemination of all their published content.


About Researcher App 

Founded in 2017, Researcher is a free to download app and a web app that aims to make it easy for academics to stay up to date, so they can concentrate on moving their research forward. Researcher is an app built by researchers, for researchers and has over 2 million users globally. Researcher aggregates over 18,000 content sources from journals, preprints, conference proceedings and industry research from all academic areas into one personalized social media style feed. Researcher’s mission is to ensure that you never miss an important paper in your field of research. The service parses over 5,000 new abstracts every day and generates over 16 million impressions per month. To learn more about Researcher and its users, you can watch the apps video. Download the app for free by searching for “researcher” in your smartphone’s app store.