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Researcher Partners with Pharmaceutical Media Inc

Researcher, the discovery platform for academics and scientists, and Pharmaceutical Media Inc, (PMI), a leading sales firm specializing in representing medical publishers and professional medical organizations, today announce a partnership that will enable PMI to add Researcher’s innovative advertising products to the suite of channels it offers to businesses in the life sciences and publishing sectors.


Researcher’s advertising enables marketers to reach the global audience of 1.7m scientists and academics who use Researcher’s apps and website to stay up to date with new and relevant scholarly papers that publish in their field. Marketers can create promoted content or creative-led campaigns directly into users’ feeds, using a level of granular targeting not available in any other channel - ensuring that marketing messages only reach the most relevant and most interested audience.

logo-PMI-2 (1)PMI is a full-service marketing and sales representation firm with a 49-year history of successful partnerships with leading medical publishers, professional medical organizations and life science publishing partners. PMI’s unique, client centered approach to advertising and special project sales optimizes value for partners, members and advertisers.

Researcher CEO Olly Cooper said: “We’re delighted to partner with PMI to expand our reach into the life sciences and medical society sector in the US. PMI has a fantastic track record of accelerating growth in these sectors for innovative and high-quality advertising products, and we’re excited about bringing our unique channel to a new market”.

PMI President Frank Cox said: “PMI is very excited to partner with Researcher due to the advanced technology of the platform designed as a discovery tool for researchers and medical professionals in fulfilment of their educational needs. Researcher is genuine breakthrough technology providing alerts to users on the latest breaking science within their predetermined area of interest. The app will allow advertisers to reach users when they are at their most engaged and in read and discovery mode".

PMI is in New York City and is a recognized leader in digital ad sales, ad operations and metric reporting and management.

For further information and press enquiries, contact us.

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