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Researcher partners with Harrisco

Researcher, the discovery platform for academics and scientists, and Harrisco, Asia’s leading provider of premium quality editing and language polishing services, today announce a partnership that will bring Harrisco’s services to Researcher’s users across the globe.

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Researcher’s apps and website enable scientists and academics to track the latest scientific and scholarly information that’s relevant to their research - ensuring that they never miss important information that might help drive their work forward. Launched in 2017, Researcher has over 1.8m users - over a third of whom are in Asia. Users choose from over 17,000 content sources to build their field and stay up to date.


Over the last 20 years Harrisco have built an outstanding track record of excellence in editing services, and a strong network of institutional and academic partners throughout Asia.


Researcher CEO Olly Cooper said:

“We’re delighted to partner with Harrisco, whose services are a key part of the journey for so much high quality research. High quality editing and proofreading services can make all the difference in getting research work disseminated as broadly as possible across the scientific community.”

Global Harrisco CEO Kim Moo Jin said:

“We’re so glad to have a great partnership with Researcher. Through cooperation with Researcher, we will do our best to be of great help to researchers by exerting mutual synergy in the era of the Fourth Revolution through Harisco's core competencies."


Over the world, research and medical fields desperately need professional proofreading services. Harrisco’s vision is to solve linguistic problems, to meet the need for professional presentation instruction, and to enhance the quality of theses published. Such belief has been manifested in strong ties with Asia’s best renowned institutions and organizations. 

Global Harrisco (en.harrisco.net)

Researcher (www.researcher-app.com)