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Researcher Live and TVSeminars launch events for the geotechnical community

Researcher partners with TVSeminars to deliver virtual events to the geotechnical and mining scientific community via Researcher Live, Researcher’s new platform for audio events.

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With audiences from over 58 countries around the world, TVSeminars aims to provide access to high-quality seminars for all professionals.

At Researcher, we are committed to inspiring progress and communication for all academic disciplines and we are delighted to be working with the geotechnology and civil mining engineering community.  Our goal is to promote discussion, collaboration and debate in an easily accessible setting that is Researcher Live. Researcher Live’s mission is to provide academia with a purpose-built space to boost the exchange of knowledge and encourage collaboration and new ideas. 

Under the partnership, TVSeminars will organise and host virtual events. Researcher will host the seminars on Researcher Live,  and will broadcast them to its global community of geotechnologists and mining scientists. The events will be free to access and available to watch and listen to on different timezones via Researcher Live and TVSeminars’ platforms. 


Hristina Kamburova, Head of Marketing, Researcher: 

“We’re looking forward to embarking on this partnership and delving deeper into challenging and important topics in the world of geotechnology, civil and mining engineering. Together with TVSeminars, we hope to facilitate the building of connections within the global community of academics in the space".

TVSeminars deliver seminars on the latest research findings, new apps and tools and cutting-edge technologies in mining and geotechnical engineering to hundreds of worldwide professionals in the industry using an interactive virtual seminar platform.

To join future sessions, including an upcoming talk by Scott Cylwik, P.E. on Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Shear Strength of Jointed Rock Masses, follow TVSeminars on Researcher. 

Listen to Dr Sangho Lee’s talk on Reliability approach on internal risk assessment of Earth Dam and Levee - one of the first discussions in the series. In this Live session, Dr Lee explored one of the most challenging topics in the geotech and the surface mining industry. 


About Researcher: 

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About TVSeminars:

TVSeminars is an online platform for virtual interactive presentations in the mining and geotechnical field. Since its launch in February 2020, TVSeminars has delivered 17 virtual seminars, showcasing the latest discoveries and the most practical researches by academic leaders and industry professionals.



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