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Introducing Researcher Insights - a dive into The Neuroscience of Sleep

It’s approaching the start of the new academic year and lecturers, researchers and staff are hecticly getting ready to marshall the next aircraft of bright minds into their chosen academic courses. It’s always an uplifting (if extremely busy) time, rife with organisational panic, but also ultimately new beginnings. 

Coincidentally, here, at Researcher, we are also piloting a project of our own - with perhaps not unlike rush of excitement. This autumn, we’ll be introducing a new type of Researcher-exclusive content: our Researcher Insights Report. 


RI - Neuro book mock upThe idea of the report is simple - a collection of articles, focused on a particular area of research and spotlighting academically-oriented pieces, written by, or created in collaboration with, researchers in the field. The main goal is to provide intelligent, honest, and informed insights into new discoveries, current directions and outstanding questions in science, while also giving valuable research the center-stage it deserves. This report should be enjoyable to read - but also a relevant implement in your toolbox to help you stay on top of the literature.

Produced quarterly, this report will prioritise quality, and hopefully grow to involve more contributors and deeper dives into different science themes to assist our readers. As everything else on Researcher, the report is free for all of our users. The first report will be titled The Neuroscience of Sleep, and will include original content authored by our team together with scientists, an article from a member of our Researcher community, and a complementary feature about what you - our Researcher audience - have shared about your sleeping habits. 

In this issue, we will hear from experts Dr Alen Juginovic (Harvard Medical School), Mie Andersen (University of Copenhagen) - the co-first author of an exciting Nature paper, and Neuroscience PhD Student Viviana Greco (Cardiff University). We will address questions about:

  • Why lack of sleep might shorten our lives
  • How, while we sleep, the ‘fight or flight’ hormone works to help consolidate our memories
  • What makes sleep impact our emotions


And find out also about….

  • The launch of the remarkable Focused Ultasound Foundation in the UK
  • An interview with the author Dr Daniel Lieberman (George Washington University) about his book on dopamine
  • A conversation with Prof Clive Bramham (University of Bergen) about his latest paper into the Arc gene, which is involved in brain plasticity.

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