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Researcher goes LIVE

We are thrilled to share with you the news about the launch of Researcher Live, which is now available on our app. Researcher Live is a way for you to host live events and have the opportunity to not only share your knowledge with the  2 million + academics on Researcher, but also discuss it with them in a Q&A format.


Researcher Live helps scientists and researchers to fulfil a vital requirement of their research funding – to ensure that their work is disseminated as widely as possible inside and outside the academic community to drive real impact from their work. We want to give every scientist and researcher the opportunity to connect and discuss their work with their peers and colleagues from across the globe, so that through the connection of the global scientific community, we can enable those vital conversations and discussions that really move science forward.

Live is going to bring scientists and researchers from all over the world together to share knowledge and challenge ideas. We're creating opportunities to accelerate the exchange of ideas on a global scale.

– Dr Ramiz Nathani, COO and Co-Founder of Researcher

We realise that due to the pandemic, academia had to adapt and virtualise all its events, from conferences to more informal talks. However, we also realise that such events can be quite difficult to attend as well: you may be living in a different time zone than the host, you may have to join it from somewhere crowded and noisy which makes it impossible to focus on the speaker, or you may just be “camera-shy”.

For these and many other reasons, we developed Researcher Live to facilitate these virtual events and make them a more enjoyable experience for you to interact with other scientists and create more impact for your work.  We created a virtual room that you can join directly from wherever you are at that precise moment (in the living room, in a café, on a train…) and have that important discussion with your fellow academics, no distractions in sight.

Attendees can follow the event beforehand and receive a notification when it is about to happen; in addition to this, they receive a link to the event that they can share with anyone they know that may be interested in that specific topic. The link is also shared via email to all the Researcher users who follow this or a related subject, so that they won’t miss out on the event; and if they cannot attend it, they will soon be able to listen to the recording directly from their accounts’ feeds on the Researcher app.



Attendees can also share instant reactions during the event with emojis and raise their hands to ask a question:

There are no cameras on Researcher LIVE, only microphones. The speaker is the only person with the microphone on throughout the majority of the event; in a format similar to Q&A, they can then allow attendees to unmute themselves, so that they can ask questions and start a conversation.

I attended Researcher Live’s event on Burnout the other day and I was positively surprised by the end of it. Once the presentation was over, the Q&A turned into an interesting and highly engaging conversation between David Cox [the speaker] and us attendees on topics such as how to tackle burnouts and what effects the pandemic will have on the workplace in the future. I rather missed this social side of being an academic, so it was overall a great experience, and I am looking forward to taking part in new discussions in Researcher's next live events.
- Dr Jonathan Cremers, Senior Product Manager, BenevolentAI

Researcher has always been a great place to discover the latest research – now it’s a place to talk about it too.

To join a Live session, make sure you have the latest version of Researcher installed, and keep an eye out for a notification from your favourite profiles on Researcher.

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