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Researcher and Edanz join forces to help early career researchers enhance their skills

Researcher and Edanz will deliver a series of monthly events on Researcher Live to highlight crucial tips and tactics for navigating academia. Jumpstart your career: learn from experience!

Researcher Live is a live audio event platform on Researcher which enables important discussions around the latest scientific research. It helps scientists and academics connect with their peers from around the world and exchange ideas. 

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'Identifying the Right Journal Publishing Strategy’ is the first event in the series 'Early Career Academics: Enhance your Skills with Edanz and Researcher’. The event will cover essential themes such as:

  • How to recognise predatory journals
  • Criteria for selecting journals
  • Balancing between relevance, impact, cost and open access. 

The event is on 13th December, 10 am GMT and is free to attend.

Follow Edanz on Researcher to join future events and get more actionable tips and advice for navigating your career in academia. 

Over the past 20 years, Edanz has helped thousands of researchers publish in prestigious journals and, in addition to the Live events, is partnering with Researcher to provide Researcher users with a free annual membership to ‘My Edanz Premium’. 

This membership gives access to a variety of courses, videos, articles, and other multimedia content created by research and publication experts who are passionate about helping researchers move their projects forward and turning their visions into successful publications. For membership details, please visit the Edanz Learning Lab here.


About Researcher: 

Researcher is a mobile and web platform that aims to make sure academics never miss important research. Users can follow the latest papers from over 18,000 journals and Researcher combines them into one personalised social media style feed.

Over 2 million academics are already using Researcher to stay up to date with the most recent and relevant publications.

To learn more about Researcher and its users, you can watch this video.

Download the app for free by searching for “researcher” in your smartphone’s app store.


About Edanz 

Edanz  is a scientific research support service committed to providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the international research community, from individual researchers and clinicians to large institutions. Edanz helps scientists and clinicians reach their goals by providing guidance and support at every stage of the research planning, execution, writing, and publication processes.   

The Edanz team includes researchers, journal editors, peer reviewers, publication consultants, medical writers, and medical communications specialists.  

Edanz is part of M3 Group, a sister company to Doctors.net.uk, Medlive, m3.com and MDLinx.   

To find out how Edanz can help you or your institution, contact us at 


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