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Stay updated with translational research!

Researcher presents interviews with trending authors. 

Researcher believes in the value of sharing research insights efficiently that shape an informed worldview. With technological advancements, we continuously discover more about what makes us humans from a scientific perspective. 

We believe it is crucial to share relevant findings so we can translate this knowledge into clinical applications and/or novel treatments. However, we don't always have the time to read all the papers.

This is what our Research in Practice sections set out to do by assembling bite-size information from the latest and the most relevant life and health sciences research for you. You will stay up-to-date quickly, and on top of that, you can build and grow your research network.

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To ensure you always get the latest exclusive content on your feed, follow the research profiles in these various fields: Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, Genetics, Genomics & Rare Diseases, Immunology, Mental Health, Neuroscience, Medicine, and Respiratory Diseases.

In each profile, we have curated interviews with cutting-edge researchers from all over the globe on ranging topics. From the regulation of the immune response with Dr. Maureen McGargill (St. Jude Children’s Hospital), olfactory processing in fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster with Prof. Chih-Ying Su (University of California, San Diego), to the role of the microbiome in colorectal cancer with Dr Elisabeth Letellier (University of Luxembourg). You can read the interview or even listen to the whole conversation. 

By following these profiles, you will not have to worry miss fascinating talks. We provide audio recordings of previous live events to spark inspiration on the things that matter to you. From neuroscience and mental health to treatments of mesothelioma - a lethal, rare cancer caused by asbestos.

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If you haven't finished reading or listening, just bookmark it and save it for later. You can also share the content with your friends and colleagues who are already on Researcher and via social media, email, or instant messaging.

Steered by academics, this is a place for people to learn how to move forward in research and science. Whether for your personal development or career progression.

To follow research areas of your interest, open Researcher app on your phone; and if you haven't already, download it for free (iOS and Android). And follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Go to ‘Publications’ section,
  2. Type the keywords, for example: "research in practice in cancer",
  3. Click the thumbnail to go to the profile,
  4. Once you are in the profile of your interest, click 'Follow',
  5. Click the bell image to enable notification,
  6. A pop-up box will appear, and click 'Enable' to get notifications for any update.

By following these research profiles, you will read more about like-minded peers,, build connections with researchers across the globe, and gain fresh ideas. Additionally, you can also join our Twitter community to get the latest news, grow your network, and discuss relevant topics.

We hope you will benefit from this feature. Start following the research profiles to stay updated and never miss important research. 



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