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Podcasts Are Now Available on Researcher

Finding new material for your research is easy, Researcher is here for that, but finding the time to read it can be almost impossible at times: first of all, you have to remember when and where was the last time you saw your device’s charger, and that could take up to three working days to figure out, then you also need to find a spot which has a decently comfortable space and a plug close enough so that you don’t stretch your charger’s cable for good. By the time you fulfil these three requirements, you’ll have run out of those twenty-eight minutes of free time that you so hardly find every week to dedicate to your research.

We have been listening to your troubles and we have come up with a solution that will help you invest your twenty-eight minutes in a source of content worth every second of your time.

Podcasts” is our newest feature which will allow you to listen to your favourite podcasts any time you want, no matter where you are or what you are doing, for the power invested in us by the art of multitasking, and the marvellous invention of background listening. You can do some gardening and listen to Physics World Weekly, or take a hot bath and listen to Caltech – The Lonely Idea Podcast, or cook a five-course dinner and listen to Nature Podcast. Or you could sit at your desk and just listen to them, no distractions allowed. It’s up to you!

Create and curate your own feed of podcasts. Some of them, like This Week in Neuroscience, revolve around specific topics, whereas others have a multi-disciplinary approach and discuss different scientific disciplines every week. An example is Scientific American – 60 Second Science, which offers weekly rapid reports from the world of science.

Some podcasts will also allow you to delve into deeper research and read the featured materials and the related papers to a specific recording. And if you don’t have time to do that right after you finished listening, you can bookmark it and save it for later. You can also share the podcast with your friends and colleagues, whether they are already on Researcher or they have yet to create an account.

Podcasts are already available on our app. All you have to do now is put your headphones on and listen in.

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