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Researcher News & Insights

Global Research on Researcher: Jefferson Bitencourt, Brazil

Mar 19, 2020 4:45:35 PM / posted in academic publishing, authors

As part of our Global Researchers series, we’ve been in contact with Researcher users to learn more about their research, the challenges they face, and what benefits they’ve derived from Researcher. 

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Global Research on Researcher: Hashim Muhammad Suleiman, Nigeria

Mar 16, 2020 9:17:51 AM / posted in academic publishing, authors

Why do researchers undertake research and how does Researcher impact this process? With the sheer volume of papers being published across a whole spectrum of subjects, it can be difficult to understand the motivations and behaviours of individual researchers. Yet learning how academics and researchers ‘do what they do’ and understanding how the embracing of new technologies is driving scientific innovation is important for the entire scientific publishing community. 

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Researcher’s Featured Authors: A Discussion On Sensorimotor Effects with Alison Heard

Mar 11, 2020 3:23:01 PM / posted in academic publishing, authors

Since Researcher launched in 2017, we have displayed millions of paper abstracts across multiple subjects and disciplines to over one million researchers and academics globally. We could analyse streams of data that pinpoint trends in academia and scientific publishing, but this fails, from an individualistic perspective, to uncover one of academia’s most important questions - ‘why?’. Why do researchers do their research and how did they arrive at their academic niche?

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Research Insights for 2020: Academic Research In Africa

Mar 10, 2020 1:42:01 PM / posted in academic publishing, authors

Over the last few years, research output in Africa has increased significantly. National and international technologies and strategies, and infrastructure for future research development, have all had positive effects on African research output. Yet the continent of Africa still generates less than 1% of the world’s research. Both a lack of funding and global scientific publishing trends have created tensions for those undertaking research in Africa. 

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The 12 Women in Science Who Are Changing the World Right Now

Feb 11, 2020 4:51:46 PM / posted in news, academic publishing, authors


To recognise the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we are celebrating the most prominent women scientists and their research. There are a significant number of women in science making a major impact in their respective fields, and although this number is increasing, they are still significantly underrepresented in STEM. 

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Tracking your journals' impact on Researcher just got easier!

Feb 10, 2020 4:44:44 PM

In Summer 2019, we opened our platform to allow publishers and learned societies to promote their journals, papers and other bespoke content. 

We have recently launched a portal to provide live reporting to our clients as well as other publishers and learned societies who have listed us as official indexers.

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Webinar - Open Research in Asia-Pacific Countries

Feb 10, 2020 1:37:41 PM

On Thursday 5 December, we conducted our third webinar with academics from Asia-Pacific countries, and the discussion was divided into four main topics: Open access, government focus on R&D, where to publish and choosing what to read.

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Researcher and Clarivate's Web of Science Group Announce a Channel Partnership

Feb 7, 2020 4:50:28 PM

Researcher, the discovery platform for academics and scientists, and the Web of Science Group, part of Clarivate Analytics, have announced a channel partnership that will enable the Web of Science Group to add Researcher's innovative advertising products to its offering for organizations in the research and publishing sector, such as Web of Science Author Connect.

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