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“News & Blogs”: everything you need to know about Researcher’s new feature

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Imagine a world where the latest news is just one click away from you, where you don’t have to worry about falling behind with your studies, where you could stay on the same app and alternate your reading between a paper on World Neurosurgery on Nanotechnology in Spine Surgery and an article on Forbes about how to watch the Blue Origin Launch – in just a couple seconds.

Well, we bring great news to our Researcher users: you don’t have to imagine it anymore, for we have introduced a new content section called “News & Blogs”, which is now available on our app.

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News & Blogs aims to make researching a more direct and intuitive action for our users, whether you are one of our contributors or one of our students. As you browse throughout the different research areas on our app, you can view the profiles of our partner magazines such as Discover Magazines, Forbes I Science, or Watts Up With That, scroll through the articles on their feeds and follow the accounts so that you won’t end up missing out on the latest news on your favourite topics.


For example, if you are passionate about Statistical & Nonlinear Physics, you can select it on our app and find out the blogs that publish content about it:
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Thanks to our latest feature, staying up to date with your favourite magazine has never been easier. We believe that the act of keeping up to date is more than reading just academic journals, and that this specific source of content might not be the most suitable option for all our users; for this very reason, we want to offer you the opportunity of accessing information through more immediate alternatives to academic journals, like blog posts.


Researcher’s mission is to build a bridge that connects the academic world: we want research to be not a matter of how or where, but a matter of now; we want our users to access live content through our app and view the latest news on their study areas; in a few words, we want to revolutionise the academic world and become the world’s leading discovery platform.


We are currently working on new ways to nurture your education and quench your thirst for knowledge, so put the kettle on, make yourself comfortable and stay tuned for your forthcoming Researcher adventures.

Partners & Partnerships

Researcher is a platform that accommodates over 2m users coming from all round the world. Besides offering to our fellow academics 4m+ pieces of content (coming from 18,000 different content sources) each week across different study areas, we also collaborate with several companies to help them build more engaging and successful marketing campaigns – and reach a wider and more engaged audience.


Amongst the partners for our News & Blogs feature there are brands such as Netflix Tech Blog and Amazon Science. If you are interested in what we have to offer to cater your company’s needs, you can email us at info@researcher-app.com.


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