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Researcher launches its first-ever report in neuroscience

Why do we sleep, and what’s happening in the brain while we sleep? Leading specialists from the UK, US and Europe examine this question in  Researcher Insights: The Neuroscience of Sleep

The neuroscience of sleep refers to the effects of sleep on the brain and nervous system within the body. Sleep is essential for the healthy development and functioning of the human body and is regulated by various mechanisms and neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. Yet we know surprisingly little about why.

Contributors to this report include Alen Juginović (Harvard Medical School), Mie Andersen (University of Copenhagen), Viviana Greco (Cardiff University), and two special interviews with Dr Daniel Z. Lieberman (George Washington University) and Prof Clive Davis (University of Bergen).

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"We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch our first Researcher Insights report – the culmination of months of hard work. This collection of articles will assist not just researchers but anyone interested in science,” says Kristie Lennie, Managing Editor of the report. “We can’t wait for you to read it.”

"We're delighted to launch the first in our quarterly series of Insight Reports. Each thematic report, drawn from the communities of users on the Researcher platform and beyond, will deliver a snapshot of the cutting edge research in that field - starting with the Neuroscience of Sleep.", says Olly Cooper, CEO at Researcher.

Download the report here. For more information on the report, visit here.

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Researcher Insights is a brand new concept by Researcher created for academics and industrial leaders to spotlight leading trends, insights and analyses in science. We will be speaking to a range of experts to learn about their current and future work, developments in technology and the novel practices which are inspiring innovation.

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