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Keeping up with the papers: Researcher partners with TopEdit

Researcher is delighted to announce a new partnership with TopEdit Author Services.

TopEdit’s services (https://researcher.topeditsci.com/) include bespoke English language editing and publication support services for authors, institutions, and publishers. They have a big and growing following in China and work with hundreds of universities and hospitals in China as well as publishers and learned societies internationally.

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Olly Cooper, CEO of Researcher said:

"We're really looking forward to working with Top Edit to bring their high quality Author services to our users across Asia."

Dr. Ning Zhang, TopEdit Founder & CEO noted

"We are delighted to be working with researcher to provide author services to customers across China and beyond"

Here we’ve included a guest blog post from TopEdit:

People often ask us: Most of the references I cite in my research paper are in Chinese. How can I make my work interesting for a broad, international audience? Is there a secret to doing this effectively?

Colleagues often feel that because many of the reference citations they use in their papers are not in English is will be harder for them to make their work ‘interesting’ for a broad international audience. How can you make work that is ‘locally relevant’ interesting and appeal to everyone and more effectively get your research into international journals, preferrably with high impact factors?

Remember that broad appeal, developing the ‘key message’ of a research study, is one of the key factors that you need to have in place before you start to write (alongside knowledge of your target audience and the structure for the piece of writing you plan to complete). The key message of your work does not depend on which language your original references were written in: an English speaking international audience will find your work interesting if it has broad appeal. Try to relate your research question to a key question or hot topic that everyone is likely to be interested in: one technique to try when thinking about this is to consider how you would explain your research to someone with no knowledge of your subject area. Your grandmother, for example.

Understanding your message, what you want people to ‘take away’ from reading your work – and making sure your work has broad appeal – is also a key to impact. How can you convince a funding agency that your research is important and interesting to the people who provide the money for you to do the work: taxpayers, for example. Researchers these days have to do far more than just publish their work in high impact factor journals (although this is important, of course): we have to make sure that our work is broadly appealing and makes a difference to everybody. Perhaps an economic impact, or some other way that your work can improve the lives of everyday people. Think about yout publication impact as well as your socioeconomic impact.

There is no secret formula for effective academic writing in any language, but there are a number of techniques you can use to more easily write. At the end of our workshops, we always ask people to try to remember just one thing, if possible: the three things you need to know before you start to write. The message of your paper. The target audience (which journal will you submit to). The structure.

Please have a think about these issues, these three things, before you start to write your next academic paper. It helps.

And check out the new collaboration between TopEdit Author Services and Researcher to advance your career: https://researcher.topeditsci.com/


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