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Global Research on Researcher: Jefferson Bitencourt, Brazil

As part of our Global Researchers series, we’ve been in contact with Researcher users to learn more about their research, the challenges they face, and what benefits they’ve derived from Researcher. 



It can be difficult to understand the motivations and behaviours of researchers from around the world, but an understanding of how and why academics and researchers ‘do what they do’ is important for potential research collaboration, grant and funding processes, and the scientific publishing community. 


Having previously spoken with Hashim Muhammad Suleiman from Nigeria about his research, we head to Brazil to speak with Jefferson Bitencourt from Universidade de Brasília. Jefferson took the time to discuss his research and how Researcher has accelerated his ability to discover new research. 


Tell us a bit more about yourself. What do you research — and why? Where do you conduct your research? Any other fun/interesting facts are most welcome!


My name is Jefferson Bitencourt, I am a nutritionist and teacher. I am currently teaching to postgraduate students and also speaking at congresses in Brazil. 


My areas of focus are chronic non-communicable diseases and intestinal health, more specifically microbiota and interpretation of laboratory tests. I have published on omega 3/6 and glycemic control, on the role of short-chain fatty acids in chronic low-grade inflammation, and on creatine in the health of the elderly. 


This research was carried out in different institutions, among them Universidade de Brasília, Universidade Federal de Goiás and FAPES.


In what ways does Researcher benefit your research?


The Researcher app helps me to stay informed about the new scientific publications in my focus areas. Moreover, I use the app to share some publications with my colleagues in those specific areas.


What are the benefits of having a lot more of your friends and colleagues on Researcher?


I think the main benefit is the capacity to share new knowledge about science in a fast and simple way.


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