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Global Research on Researcher: Hashim Muhammad Suleiman, Nigeria

Why do researchers undertake research and how does Researcher impact this process? With the sheer volume of papers being published across a whole spectrum of subjects, it can be difficult to understand the motivations and behaviours of individual researchers. Yet learning how academics and researchers ‘do what they do’ and understanding how the embracing of new technologies is driving scientific innovation is important for the entire scientific publishing community. 




We recently spoke with Alison Heard in our Researcher’s Featured Authors series and gained not only valuable insights into her paper, but also into her experiences of publishing, and the challenges she faced throughout the research process. As part of our Global Research on Researcher series, we’ve been in contact with Researcher users to learn more about their research, the challenges they face and what benefits they’ve derived from the app. 


Hashim Muhammad Suleiman from Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, one of our recent competition winners, took the time to discuss his research and how Researcher has expanded his knowledge of and access to new journals. 


Tell us a bit more about yourself. What does your research entail? Where do you conduct your research? Any other fun/interesting facts are most welcome!


My name is Hashim Muhammad Suleiman. I am a young academic studying Mass Communication at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria-Nigeria.


My research is focused on how mass media are subliminally used to socially construct a narrative around gender discourse - particularly when talking about men.


My research is conducted in Nigeria by analysing the content of selected newspapers that consistently publish. These newspapers have a national outreach and widely circulated. 


My research is an extension of post-feminism. It is aimed at extending the discourse around inter-sex relationships and finding a middle ground through which the two binaries of gender agitation can be used concurrently in understanding social problems and searching for ways to ameliorate them.


In what ways does Researcher benefit your research?


Researcher benefited my research in many ways. First, the app helped in allowing me to keep up with current global methodological advances in gender studies. Through Researcher, I was able to access hundreds of journals globally. 


Secondly, Researcher helped by exposing me to new journals that I can publish my research in.


Lastly, through Researcher, I’m now a global researcher with links and access to the globally recognized experts in my area of research.


What are the benefits of having a lot more of your friends and colleagues on Researcher?


There are many benefits of the app. These include being on the same page with my colleagues and being aware of journal requirements. These journals are often international and we didn’t know about them before.


Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself, your research, the competition, and/or the Researcher app?


Researcher is now my number one academic app! It has really enriched my research by helping me to discover journals that I didn’t know about before.


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