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Get personalised paper recommendations on WeChat with Researcher

With over 25% of our users based in China, we are excited to launch a new feature built with the help of Charlesworth Author Services.

Our users that use WeChat, can now log in with their Researcher account to receive personalised recommendations of papers. We hope that the ability to receive regular notifications through WeChat will help many of you to monitor the latest research articles you need to read. 

To use the feature, first follow us on WeChat. You can find Researcher's Official Account by scanning this QR code: 

Researcher  WeChat QR Code

Next, tap in the bottom left corner, select Connect with Researcher, tap on the link you see, and log in with your Researcher email account. 

If you don't have a Researcher account yet, create one here or by downloading Researcher here

If you have forgotten your Researcher password, you can reset it here.

iOS steps (1)To read more about what Charlesworth's and Researcher's CEO said about this feature, read our announcement



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