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Researcher Insights Focuses on Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience

Researcher is proud to announce its latest special collection of articles focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) in neuroscience. As AI technology becomes increasingly prevalent in research, Researcher is giving readers the opportunity to stay informed on new discoveries and developments in the field.

"AI is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the way we do research and receive healthcare. The latest issue of Researcher Insights shines a spotlight on this game-changing technology and its applications in neuroscience, bringing together leading voices in the field to explore its extraordinary achievements and the new directions it is heading in." - Kristine Lennie, Editor.

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This issue of Researcher Insights includes topics such as AI for neurodegenerative disease, imaging tools for neuroscientists: AI as a window to the brain, neurorobotics and devices, and learning from AI about the brain. We are delighted to feature the following experts in this issue:

  • Dr Karli Montague-Cardoso, Deputy Editor, Communications Biology and Consulting Editor, Communications Medicine
  • Roser Sanchez-Todo, Neurotwin
  • Dr Vijaya Kolachalama, Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
  • Dr Benjamin Cowley, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Dr Amy Kuceyeski, Cornell University
  • Dr Elishai Ezra Tsur, Open University of Israel
  • Dr Marco Capogrosso, University of Pittsburgh Department of Neurological
  • Dr Wienan Sun, Janelia Research Campus

This issue of Researcher Insights provides an essential resource for academics, researchers, clinicians, and beyond, to stay on top of new discoveries and developments in the field.

For more information about this issue of Researcher Insights, please click here.

About Researcher Insights

Researcher Insights is a brand new concept by Researcher created for academics and industrial leaders to spotlight leading trends, insights and analyses in science. We will be speaking to a range of experts to learn about their current and future work, developments in technology and the novel practices which are inspiring innovation.


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