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Academic Entrepreneurship Series on Researcher Live

Advice on how to launch and scale a new academic business in conjunction with Blenheim Chalcot.

Throughout this quarter, we have been hosting a new discussion series, created in conjunction with Blenheim Chalcot, the UK's leading venture builder. The series is covering practical advice from experts on how to build a new business in the academic world. From an introduction to the typical funding lifecycle of an academic venture through the core functional building blocks as well as covering the resources available in universities to support that growth.

The live discussions are hosted on Researcher Live and can be listened to in the links below. 

Panellists from leading academic organisations, venture capital and scale up ventures

We are delighted to have some amazing panellists from the academic world, leading VCs and some of the fastest-growing tech businesses in the UK.

See below for each episode and speakers. Each episode is chaired by Nick Gregg, who is leading strategic projects for Blenheim Chalcot. 

Episode 1 — Introduction to Funding Journeys for Academic Ventures

Overview of typical funding journeys from initial incubation through to post-seed rounds through to Series A from some of the leading VC investors in Deeptech and active university venture building investors.

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Episode 2 —Entrepreneurship within a University environment

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Episode 3 — Entrepreneurship: “How to validate your market”

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Episode 4 — Entrepreneurship: “How to build your product”

🗓 26 Jan 2022 — Add To Calendar for link access

  • Modulr Finance —Altay Ural, Chief Product & Technology Officer
  • Researcher — Ramiz Nathani, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Episode 5 — Entrepreneurship: “Sales strategies for new ventures”

🗓 31 Jan 2022 — Registration Coming Soon

About Blenheim Chalcot

Founded in 1998, Blenheim Chalcot traces its roots back to netdecisions, the internet services group. Since then it has become the UK’s leading venture builder, with portfolio sales of £500m, over 3,000 employees and a successful track record of over 40 companies. Blenheim Chalcot’s identifies high growth sectors, typically undergoing some market, technology or regulatory discontinuity, and look to build scalable platforms that satisfy a real customer need. The aim is to build profitable companies, with sustainable business models.

About Researcher

Founded in 2017, Researcher was created to help academics stay afloat in a sea of literature and now has over 2 million users. Keeping up to date with all new papers is a crucial part of any researcher’s day to day life, but it’s often difficult to find the time or energy. Researcher’s mission is to become the world’s leading discovery platform for scientists and researchers. The website and app make it easy to stay up to date, so academics can concentrate on moving their research forward.

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