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5 reasons why you should use Researcher

Researcher app is an all-in-one tool that would assist you to stay on top of your field. Here are 5 main reasons why this free app could help you succeed in your academic journey.


1. Develop interdisciplinary & in-depth knowledge without language barriers 

Through our broad subject coverage & in-app translation feature

Regardless of which area you specialise in, we could ensure you that you will find helpful recommendations through our app. You could also enhance your interdisciplinary knowledge by following journals and recommendations without limits. Developing interdisciplinary knowledge is very beneficial to generating and propelling innovative research. Areas covered by our app include:

  • Medical & Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences & Biology 
  • Chemistry & Material Science
  • Engineering & Computer Science
  • Social Sciences & Psychology 
  • Earth Sciences & Geography 
  • Physics & Mathematics
  • Business & Management 
  • Arts & Humanities 
  • Economics & Finance

Have you ever experienced language barriers which limit your understanding of certain subject areas? If so, you would be happy to learn that our app provides an in-app translation feature for paper abstracts. Use this feature to better refine your search prior to diving into in-depth reading. 


2. Stay up-to-date & never miss out on important research 

Through your tailored feeds 

We provide scientific and academic content from over 19,000 sources, including: 

  • Peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Springer Nature, Hindawi, ACS , Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, RSC, BMJ, IEEE, arXiv, PubMed, PLOS, F1000, Cell, Science AAAS, etc.)
  • Preprints
  • Scientific blogs
  • Universities
  • Leading life sciences and technology companies
  • Podcasts

Follow journals that interest you to get the most up-to-date recommendations. You could also follow our Researcher Highlights to get recommendations on papers relevant to your field of interest. If there are certain authors whose work you admire, you could follow their work by personalising your feed to show their latest paper abstracts. 

Being constantly well-informed about the latest research findings and discussions would give you an upper hand in your academic journey. To get instant recommendations, simply turn on your mobile notification via your settings.


3. Gain knowledge whenever & wherever 

Through the social media app style & WeChat recommendation feature

Learning and the development of ideas do not confine within laboratories, institutions or a certain workspace. In fact, many of you may have experienced extraordinary ideas when not formally engaged in work. Take your interests to the next level by incorporating the learning of these interests of yours as part of your daily routine. 

Our social media style app allows you to scroll through papers as if you are scrolling through images and videos on Weibo, Instagram and Facebook. We also have a paper recommendation feature via WeChat which sends you auto-generated recommendations. Try it now and start each morning with a daily dose of inspiration. 


4. Stay organised throughout your research journey 

Through the bookmarking feature, institutional access & integration with Mendeley & Zotero

As you scroll through your feed, bookmark papers that are relevant to your research and get it synced automatically to your reference manager: Mendeley/ Zotero. This would help you stay organised from the first phase of literature review to organising your reference list towards the end of your research.

There are many open source papers available in our app. By logging in through your institution details, you could also access full papers from journals that your institution subscribes to. 


5. Connect with like-minded academics & discuss with experts

Through podcast & Researcher Live  

Hear directly from scientists discussing their research and trending topics. Our speakers are leading experts from prestigious institutions such as University of Oxford, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, UCL, MIT, Princeton University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Toronto, National University of Singapore, etc.

To this day, we already have 2.2 million app users from around the world. Join our fast-growing community to connect with like-minded academics. We are confident that we could provide you with well-rounded assistance in making your academic journey a more enjoyable experience. Join us now by downloading our free app! 

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