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Researcher reaches 2 million users milestone! What’s next?

Thank you for trusting us and supporting us in the past few years. We’ve helped over 2,000,000 of you to discover new academic and scientific research! 

You have bookmarked almost 5 million papers, left us over 8,000 reviews on the app stores, and created over 1 million personalised feeds. 

We’d like to thank all of you for using, loving and supporting the Researcher app!

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So what’s next? 

We are on a mission to become the world’s leading discovery platform for scientists and researchers. We make it easy to stay up to date so that you can concentrate on moving your research forward. 

On Researcher, we aggregate over 18,000 sources of research, including peer-reviewed journals, company research, preprints and conference proceedings. 

But we can’t stop there. 

We are constantly expanding our library of publications and are working to add different formats of research. We recognise that the way scientists and academics consume research is changing, and we want to be at the forefront of innovation in research discovery. We can’t wait to introduce some exciting new things later this year…….

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Thank you for using Researcher.